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mercoledì 16 marzo 2011

William & Kate - TXT CONTEST

The Italian Observer rewards your creativity! Write a short text - maximum 160 characters - on the topic of the Royal Wedding and send it by e-mail to italianobserver@gmail.com.      
Weekly the most beautiful messages will be posted on the Blog and on the page of Facebook!  
On April 29 - the day of the wedding of William and Kate - the most amusing text will be chosen. The winner will receive in prize a mug with the photos of the bridegrooms.   
Be witty and fun! Text is required to be inherent to the Royal Wedding, and it can't overcome the length of 160 characters. 
In respect of the privacy, nor your full name nor your e-mail will be made known: the texts will simply be followed by your first name and from the city of origin.   
Let's begin with mine (out of the contest):   
A ring with a sapphire
brings you what all we desire.
Dreaming of a coronation
from today awaits the Nation!
Can the Prince in marrying Kate
find a really fair mate 
Lorenzo (Mantova, Italy)

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